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The Application Process

See the enrollment steps below. Within two weekdays after you submit your child’s application you’ll be contacted by the Principal to schedule an enrollment interview.

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Step 1

Fill out the application. An interview will be setup and the Principal will make certain that the enrollment criteria are met.

Step 2

Your child will be tested in math, phonics, reading comprehension and writing to determine the correct grade placement.

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Step 3

Your child, if in 6th grade or above, will be asked to sign the Student Agreement. 6th-12th grade students re-sign this agreement at the beginning of every school year.

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Step 4

You will be asked to sign paperwork affirming that you have thoroughly read, understand and are in agreement with the doctrinal statements and FLCS handbook.

Our Students

Students in grades 7-12 attend Bible classes twice/week, and all students have devotions with their teachers or a Pastor at least weekly and attend a chapel service weekly.  At those times, and also interwoven with the academic classes, your student will be taught the orthodox doctrines of the Christian faith.

Tuition Rates

Each amount is for the entire school year of 2023 - 2024. These rates may change at the discretion of the school administration.

for 1st child
Registration = $75/child
for 1st child
Registration = $225/child
2nd child = $3,479
3rd child = $2,099
1st - 6th Grade
for 1st child
Registration = $225/child
2nd child = $3,679
3rd child = $2,219
7th - 12th Grade
for 1st child
Registration = $225/child
2nd child = $3,869
3rd child = $2,329
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A registration fee is charged each year for each student.  For returning students, registration is due by July 20th.

For the 4th (or more) child(ren), there is registration only – no tuition is charged.

Tuition may be paid annually in advance for a 2% discount, semi-annually for a 1% discount, or in 10 monthly installments beginning in August, for which there is no discount. We do not charge interest or carrying charges for monthly installments.

Monthly tuition payments are due on the 20th, and are paying for the following month’s tuition. For example, September’s tuition is due on August 20th.

Other costs during the year may include field trip expenses and purchasing lunches, yearbooks or review books (high school only).

Our Sports Team

FLCS is a member of the Empire State Christian Athletic League (ESCAL), a competitive league with three seasons: soccer in the fall, basketball in winter and volleyball in spring.  We field boys and girls teams for each sport.